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Cellophane Machinery

Cellophane Machinery

Cellophane , Overwrapping Machinery , Packaging Machinery , pack machine


Cellophane packaging machines are named as one piece of rectangular or square boxes in large volumes or to have handy and the ideal machine used for spiraling rows.With various thicknesses and properties. Opp is seen as one of the named unidirectional oriented polypropylene materials, printed or unprinted paper and cellophane packaging obtained thanks to the coating on the cardboard process more lively and healthy packaging material will allow appear bright.The most useful applications no matter which material to use as a printing system will be the cellophane.Through the cellophane packaging material is applied on the side of the printed edition which will be unable to protect against light materials and friction. External factors, such as humidity and over-heat in the packed product as protection barrier against the durable conditions of foodstuffs with selefonlar can be stored in.

For this reason, Unlu Machinery (Ünlü Makina). presented to you as the packaging operations, we can say it would be far more useful. With this machine you will receive from our company, products will be packaged much faster and will be packaged in a practical way.This machine manually feed operation of the system as to stand up for you to perform your best Opp height adjustment, servo motors, PLC and touch screen system is made possible thanks to the syndication process to perform automatically.Automaticly, plate changing operation of the packaging process can be carried out thanks to the mechanical work can be done when you want the devices in a much more practical manner.In many respects than qualified to meet your needs, if not open the packaging tape as required by these machines can be installed.Opening the machine will wear open tape device through installing the ribbon opening the packaging of the product of the process will be much easier to perform, and that will provide benefits to the users.This machine also has the ability to take on the cellophane date and serial number allows.The date and serial number of the date on writing device packed with cellophane packets and using the serial number you can print the information as possible.

Cellophane packaging machinery which preventing outside air intake of the product. Therefore allowing users to meet with moving to a more healthy condition are the right equipment you can use for this purpose. Perform the procedure through your food products more durable and long-lasting of allowing it to other products such as packaging products, as well as in terms of providing you with the ability to transport you can see the advantage sheltered from your use of these machines.Moreover, users think that this option provides more reliable products that are packed with cellophane in the single site that asks when considering whether to multiple packaging operations.